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5 P's Campaign Update - 2nd August 2011

posted 11 Aug 2011, 07:40 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 Nov 2012, 19:16 by Russ Flyng ]
The Street Reps 5 P's Campaign  -  1st May - 31st July 2011.
Our latest campaign has culminated in a multi-agency meeting which took place on Tuesday 2nd August 2011.
All our data was presented to the agencies that attended our meeting and we had some very interesting discussions about what hasn't been done, was is being done and what needs to be done.
There was a clear message as to what this type of act should be called.

For clarification;
'Dog Fouling'   is the act of a dog, actually in the process of having a poop.
'Dog Mess'   is the end result that is left behind.
The meeting was highly informative and we are able to let you read the minutes from it. Please click on the link below.
Also, we would encourage any members of the public to report any more sightings, directly to the council on the following telephone number, (01271) 388870, stating whether it is an act of 'dog fouling' or 'dog mess' as described above. Or you can call the Ilfracombe Centre and report it for the attention of Clive, the towns Waste & Litter Operative, on (01271) 855300 and the message can be passed on.
We hope that this initiative has raised awareness around the town and that the local authorities proceed to tackle any more issues that are raised. You can continue to report to us via the website or by calling us on: 07888 966 555
We do have another way of bringing this matter to attention again, if needed, and we will proceed with that if the problem continues and is not dealt with to a satisfactory conclusion.